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New Blog!

I've finally gotten to actually redoing my website, It served as a portfolio for a while, but now I just want a simple blog and nothing more...

I will be posted about many things, I've recently tried to get a little more involved in the community, rather than just being a lurker, I've begun actively engaging with others in the community, and plan to blog a lot more on the current state, etc... as well as blog posts relating to conferences which I will hopefully begin attenting this year with Web Summit.

After having asked a few people, no one I know or know of, had been to Web Summit, which will be held in Lisbon, in November, I was lucky enough to win a couple of tickets due to my open source contributions. So it'll be exciting to be back in my hometown and go to my first conference.

Next year I'm planning on attending a few more PHP specific conferences and hopefully meet some of the speakers whom I keep up with on Twitter.