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How to fix DomainException with valet for Linux

So I've recently got a new work computer, an epic Dell XPS 15, with Ubuntu installed, and I set out to install Valet for Linux and faced an issue installing.

  Apt was unable to install [nginx]. 

After some furious googling, I found the answer, and suspect it'll be something other Linux users will face when setting up a new computer.

The culprit is the default Apache install of the OS, so we need to set about removing the hinderence.

stop apache2

sudo systemctl stop apache2.service

prevent apache2 to start at boot

sudo systemctl disable apache2.service

Reinstall nginx

sudo apt-get install nginx

Another possible solution is to try running valet install as sometimes this error can happen if the linked PHP and nginx gets corrupted somehow, that then lets you run a valet uninstall