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PyroCMS 3.0 a review

I've recently had experience with PyroCMS 3.0, it was quite an experience, so I thought I'd give it a review, to help people make an informed decision when choosing your next CMS.

I'll go into this in parts; and keep adding to it, as I'm not great with writing big blog posts in one go :D


Installation of PyroCMS is pretty simple, like most other CMS systems these days there is an installer, that you just run through and fill in with the details of the database, etc..

Ease of use

For the most part, PyroCMS is relativley simple to use, it's got a really nice intuitive architecture, that's quite flexible, and things like the streams system make it easy to create any kind of stream data that you can use to make a website


The documentation is something I had a love/hate relationship with, in some cases it's good, but in others quite clearly lacking, with absolute minimal and useless documentation, If I had more free time I would definetely contribute to improving it, as I think PyroCMS has the ability to take the throne of all Laravel CMS, it's that well designed.

Pro addons

The pro addons were quite useful in some instances, however a lot of them are lacking proper documentation, which makes it hard to justify paying for the addons

Community support

I cannot falter the community whatsoever, with each issue I encountered they were always ready to help including Ryan himself.


I was quite happy with the backend, it's probably one of the best CMS backends out there to be perfectly honest!


The performance is one of the primary aspects of PyroCMS that I was very displeased with, when I initially went live, the average page load was around 13 seconds, I did a lot of debugging, and asked for some help, but many people were baffled as to why this was happening, I was simply running on a normal Digital Ocean droplet with Ubuntu, so there was no apparent reason as to why this was happening, but the issue was also, it' was very hard to debug what was causing this, in the end it seemed to be related to the way PyroCMS renders the Js and CSS assets and I ended up stripping out the dynamic renderers in favour of pre-rendered assets, the final load speed was between 0.6-1.5 seconds, which running on PHP 7 I was still very unhappy about, as I was expecting no more than 0.5 second loads.


Overall PyroCMS is a good CMS, despite the technical issues I encountered, if can save you a lot of time in terms of the functionalities it provides, however if I was to choose again, I would probably just end up using a simpler CMS, my overall rating is 4/5.