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Elite Locksmiths are a SCAM

Paul Johnston yet again is continuing to try and scam people, this time under a new name, Elite Locksmiths, if you don't want to lose money and get frustrated, stay away, these are the same people behind Rapid Locksmiths!

You may have seen my other post

Or my reddit post

Loads of people are coming forward with their stories about being scammed by this piece of human garbage, I am trying to get everyone to report to action fraud, the more people report him, the more of a chance there is that he will be investigated!

His links are:


Remember this is not a recommendation, it's a warning, if you want to keep your money, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THESE SCAM ARTISTS

Once again, Paul Johnston, Fuck you, one day your scamming will catch up to you and you'll be thrown behind bars where you deserve.