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Rapid Locksmiths are a scam

I recently had to get a replacement door panel, and tried to find a few companies to come out and sort the issue and stumbled upon, I did not know what i was in for with these scammers.

I have definitely learnt my lesson, and will be doing much more due dilligence before hiring anyone else for anything, and ensuring i check all reviews including bad ones, unfortunately Trustpilot seems to let them have a ton of positive reviews which in retrospect all look fake, however i didn't check properly.

They sent out someone to come and check the damage and quoted £500 for the replacement part and labour to fix the door, They took a £250 deposit, and said it would take 2 weeks for the replacement part to come, and they would be in touch, and left me a worksheet with the details.

2 weeks go by and I hear nothing, i think, maybe it's taking a little longer, so i wait an extra week before contacting them, I call them up, and they tell me that they will check and get back to me, they never do, so I call again a couple of days later, same reply, this went on a few times, during the course of a month, after I'd had enough and asked them to cancel my order and issue me a refund, then they disappear.

I try contact them via their support email, support number, etc... I get a couple of replies, but never much, eventually they agree to give me a refund and say i'll get it in a couple of weeks, I wait, and lo and behold i don't get a refund.

So I try call them every day, and they started blocking my number, I try calling using other peoples phones, and this confirms they had literally been blocking me, I stopped getting any replies to my emails, and I resort to emailing threatening to take them to small claims court, they do respond saying i will get my refund, I never get it.

Now they activley are ignoring any calls and hang up on me straight away when I do manage to get through.

I did some checking (stuff i should have done before hiring them) and realise, they are undergoing insolvency, always a bad sign. The more i dig in, I'm not the first person they have done this to, I uncover more and more and start to get the gist of the scam they are running, they seem to be operating a website, where the code lets you check if they are active in their area, but looking at the source code, you can see that the postcode checker literally just always says that they have engineers available, this is to expand how many people they can reel in, this company is a farse, i do not think they actually ever deliver, they seem to just take deposits and disappear.

At the time of writing I am awaiting a judgement to be made on a small court claim I've made, I've reported them to action fraud, and am involving my solicitor to see what can be done so that no one else gets scammed by them.

The least i can do is blog about this and try to get this article seen by anyone who is considering to use them.

They are also known as PNJ security, their registered company is: the company registration number is 08579384

Paul Johnston's details as per company house (ALL PUBLIC INFORMATION) is:

JOHNSTON, Paul Correspondence address 15 Commercial Road, Paddock Wood, Kent, United Kingdom, TN12 6EN

They also seem to have another website, probably getting ready to scam more people at a subdomain:

I have also found they have not got cloudflare setup correctly, and i know they are hosted on Digital Ocean, I've even managed to find they run Wordpress, and the DB address from digital ocean.


oh, and PAUL JOHNSTON, you absolute scam artist