André Figueira

Systems engineer - I write apps, I make websites, opinions are my own...

I recently wanted to setup xdebug for my Homestead box and I couldn't find any guides which matched the latest PHP 7 version. So I made this guide in case it helps others.

I've been a developer now for over 10 years, I started young! In the time I've been a developer I've changed an awful lot! I first got into programming with PHP, I used to be into aviation, I wanted to do it as a career so I applied to be a pilot in the P

I've been in the industry quite a while now going on +10 years, which is a shock to most people as I'm still relatively young. In my time as a developer, I've worked at a myriad of different companies, from digital service agencies to client side to SaaS.

In almost any application that you build you're going to have functionality or styling on some views which doesn't exist in others, for example a page may have a Javascript Google map being displayed, which won't be used on any other page.

I’ve recently quit my job as I found another one with a better salary and more interesting work. I should be fair in fact to the work, the idea was interesting, but the execution was not, I am an advocate for open source, best practices and standards.